Rama Appeals for Change of Albania’s Governance Quality

During his visit to New York the SP chairman met with the head of the IMF mission to Albania, Gerwin Bell

TIRANA – The quality of governance and the government’s attitude towards citizens must change in Albania, the chairman of the Socialist Party (SP), Edi Rama has declared at a meeting with students and representatives of the Albanian community in New York. The meeting was held in the premises of the New York University in Manhattan on Saturday, SP official sources said on Sunday.
In front of students and representatives of the Albanian community, Rama declared that Albania doesn’t need only a change of government, but above all it needs a change in the government’s behavior towards citizens.
“It is not a secret that we are totally dissatisfied with what is happening with the governing policies, and moreover with the lack of the rule of law. There are two different Albania, one in paper and one in reality. The first can be seen through legislation and the second is the country in which citizens live everyday through disrespect of the law and lack of equality before the law,” Rama said.
Asked about the flat tax applied by the current government, for which the opposition insisted very much to be replaced by the progressive tax, the SP chairman said that the application of the flat tax is purely abusive. “The flat tax is simply abusive and this is a theoretical and practical truth in Albania. It is impossible that a nurse pays more taxes than the Prime Minister,” Rama said.
Speaking of the institutions’ independence, Rama underlined that the SP has proved it will not breach such independence when it comes to power. “We will not interfere with other constitutional institutions. Even in opposition we have given proof of an attitude different from that of the government on the same matters. The General Prosecution demanded immunity’s lift on three of our members of Parliament and not only we didn’t oppose such a request, but even voted pro it,” Rama said.
Speaking of the SP program on the former politically persecuted people, Rama underlined that representatives of this social category had cooperated in the drafting of this part of the program. “We are committed to adopt a different approach to this social category, which is not based on the necessity to gain their votes, but rather on the conviction that this is a matter of social justice,” he said.
SP Head Visits IMF
During his visit to New York, Rama met with the head of the International Monetary Mission on Albania, Gerwin Bell. The SP chairman announced such a meeting through Twitter.
According to Rama the meeting with Bell focused on the latter’s concern regarding the level of budgetary revenues and expenses in the last two months.
“A very satisfying consultation in New York with IMF’s Gerwin Bell. Indispensability for realistic economic and fiscal policies. In focus: debt’s reduction,” Rama twitted on Saturday, adding that “the rigorous revision of the state budget in the framework of the concerning data released for the last two months is a necessity that must be addressed as soon as possible.”

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