SP Holds a Roundtable on Administrative Court

The establishment of the Administrative Court aims at solving the problems between the businesses and state administration so that the SP leader urged all interested parties to give there contribution in order to improve the draft law

TIRANA – The Socialist Party organized the next roundtable with the experts in order to discuss the draft law on the Administrative Court which was approved in principle by the Parliament on Monday.
The meeting was chaired by the SP lawmaker and also member of the Parliamentary Committee of Laws, Fatmir Xhafaj who highly appreciated the importance of the establishment of the Administrative Court. He stated that it is very important for justice system and also a challenge for the European integration. The other SP lawmaker, Armando Subashi stated that the opposition has worked for many months on the changes that will further improve this draft law in order to make the latter more efficient for the businesses and citizens.
Meantime, when asked by local media, Subashi stated that the draft law on Administrative Court might be voted within March thus respecting the agreement between the political parties on the approval of laws demanding a qualified vote. He added that in this draft law will be included all the proposals made by the business representatives and groups of interest. In the government’s draft law is foreseen the establishment of 6 Administrative Courts and a Court of Appeals in Tirana while the highest instance will remain the Supreme Court. Few days ago, the Socialist Party organized a public hearing with lawyers, representatives of business community, etc from which they requested suggestions and proposals. According to these proposals, more than 30 percent of the judges to be appointed in these Courts should be graduated for law.
The Administrative Court will help the businesses given that it will consider the cases related to business at a shorter time and it will be more efficient.

Law on Administrative Court Should Be Product of All Interested Parties

The head of opposition and Socialist Party, Edi Rama stated that the draft law on the establishment of the Administrative Court should be the product of all interested parties in order to draft a law which will avoid corruption.
Stressing the importance of this law, Rama said that the representatives of business community, civic society and international experts should give their contribution in order to improve this draft law so that there is left no room for problems in the future. “It is easy to create a new Court but the problem is that we should not create a new branch of corruption,” said Rama.

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