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The Albanian Daily News is Albania's only daily leading English-language newspaper, published since April 1995 as a separate branch of the Company "Independent Albanian Economic Tribune Ltd" established in 1991. It has been providing its readers with news, business, arts and entertainment information ever since, and its role in the local media market is now widely acknowledged, particularly after its upgrading, having some of the pages in colors. It maintains a high standard of objective journalism and its independence has earned it respect.

On January 28, 2015, on the 20th anniversary of the Albanian Daily News, the publishers announced the launching of the reinvented website of the daily, albaniannews.com. The portal, operating with its own editorial staff, would from now on publish the news of the last minute, while the hard copy of the newspaper continues its publication in the traditional format.

The Albanian Daily News and albaniannews.com, are part of Ada Group, with partnering companies: INFO-Telecom SHPK, Digicom SHPK, Promarketing, Orange Albania, NRG Multimedia, and Adanet.
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