Microsoft Albania Introduces Microsoft Dynamics to Albanian Biggest Companies
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Published May 31, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics Day, a business conference organized by Microsoft and Intelligent Systems Albania, was held in Tirana on May 19. The solutions were presented together with the most recent tendencies and global developments for business programs, cloud and mobility, and the way in which they assist organizations in the daily operations and key decision-making activities. 

Sokol Vladi, General Manager of Microsoft Albania, launched the Microsoft Dynamics Day by showing analyses and expectations of the regional market and the possibilities unfolded to local business. He also mentioned the novelties of the line of Microsoft products.

"The current reality is that the client should be placed in an entirely new ecosystem. Companies should give a perfect service adding the value of experience to the client. Precisely this is even the focus of Microsoft- to create solutions, not programs, which give to the clients a true help by bringing to business an advantage in competition," added Vladi.

Milen Manchev, Director of Sales of Microsoft Partners and Petrin Dodona, Director of Sales at Intelligent Systems Albania spoke more about the innovations offered by the last versions of popular solutions of ERP, CRM and BI. More fine processes, richer functionalities, deeper integration, simpler interface, wider experience of the client- these are only some of various improvements that the new versions of solutions with programs of Microsoft Dynamics contains.

Kalin Tzvetanov, General Director of Systems Groups, part of which is also Intelligent Systems Albania, spoke about the best practices of implementation that he and his colleagues have achieved during the implementation of hundreds of programs throughout the world. He also spoke about Cloud and Mobility- two areas in which Intelligent Systems has years of experience and have become the issue of the day for every company today.

In the end of the sessions, Agna Group spoke about the success story together with the solutions of Microsoft Dynamics. Hipokrat V. Mici, IT director at the company, spoke about his experience of doing business with Microsoft Dynamics and ERP and Intelligent Systems Albania.

"I have worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV since it was called Navision and it was not part of Microsoft Business Solutions. Since then I have seen the system developing, bringing endless functionalities and possibilities to companies. We are happy that together with Intelligent Systems, we managed to deliver the project of Dynamics for Agna Group. Today we continue to personalize it and add possibilities of the system, taking the best from our investment in ERP," said Mici. 

Intelligent Systems Albania is one of the main sellers for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM in Albania and Kosovo, specialized in different industries and sectors, like retail, distribution, production, automotive, food and beverage, transport and logistics and many others.

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