Albanian Prisoners Prefer Britain, Deportation Agreement Fails
Albanian Daily News
Published February 5, 2018
Dozens of hardcore Albanian prisoners who should have been sent back home from overcrowded British jails are still behind bars despite an agreement signed between the two countries 5 years ago.
An article published by The Sun on Monday says that the deal signed in 2013 was supposed to save taxpayers £25 million and initially more than 100 Albanian prisoners were earmarked for transfer but in fact just 23 have been sent back.

"Many are opposing the move by claiming their human rights will be affected with some also managing to stay on after falsely claiming asylum by misleading British authorities and claiming to be Kosovo refugees. Latest figures reveal there are 716 Albanian prisoners in UK jails and many of them are convicted murderers, sex offenders and drug dealers serving lengthy sentences but who also have outstanding jail terms back home," reports 'The Sun'.

The Sun also refers to a conversation between the Ministry of Justice officials and their Albanian counterparts focused on this issue.

"The British Government wants more foreign national prisoners to serve their sentences in their home country. We will continue to work with other governments to share best practice, improve standards and ultimately save the British taxpayer money," reports the British newspaper.

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