Opposition's Protest, Tight Security Measures in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published January 26, 2018
A detailed measures plan has been drafted by the police at the eve of the opposition’s protest on January 27. Media sources reported on Friday that some 1500 police officers will be deployed in order to guarantee the security during this protest. A lower number of female police officers are expected to be deployed in comparison to the previous protests by the opposition.

The measures plan implementation started since a week ago through a close surveillance of individuals known as problematic and violent, the media reported. They will be continue to be closely monitored by civil police officers even during the protest.

Road Police will also take a series of measures to prevent problems for vehicles circulation during the opposition’s protest. Vehicles parking and circulation will be forbidden along the ‘Nation’s Martyrs’ boulevard and adjacent streets.

The State Police also informs that 4-hour permission has been issued to the Democratic Party (DP) for protest in the boulevard.


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