Governor: Albanian Economy in a Positive Trajectory
Albanian Daily News
Published April 4, 2017

Governor of the Bank of
Albania, Gent Sejko, is attending the meeting of the Club of Governors of
Central Asia, the Black Sea and the Balkans, a meeting that began on 2 April
and will end on April 4, bringing together the central banks of the 24 leaders
of the Club members.

Discussions were based on the different
challenges faced by today central banks in meeting their objective of
maintaining price stability and financial stability, as well as the
identification of mechanisms of macroeconomic policies, financial and
appropriate economic structures to increase resistance to various shocks.

Governor of the Bank of Albania, Gent Sejko
during the meeting made a presentation to the participants on the topic "Mix
optimal policies in the current environment: lessons learned from measures implemented
during the crisis."

Governor Sejko brought to the attention
of the participants that the Western Balkan countries despite being on the
periphery of the global crisis, felt its effects, in forms such as curbing
economic activity, often accompanied by a series of structural problems.
Further, the Governor said that although existed debate on the adequacy and
effectiveness of the instruments used by central banks to cope with the crisis,
these instruments were able to avoid further consequences and gradually create
conditions for the return of trend growth.

The Governor stressed that as a typical
Western Balkan country, Albania is at a similar stage of development with other
countries in the region and that the economy is already in a positive trend
where economic growth is expected to come in progressive improvement.

In conclusion, Governor Sejko underlined
that the Bank of Albania through the exercise of its role in the economy, both
as a promoter and regulator has given the necessary contribution to a
sustainable economic growth and ensuring macroeconomic stability.

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