Some Taxes Cut, Tax on Gas and Vehicles Still Under Discussion
Albanian Daily News
Published December 6, 2016

lThe Parliamentary Committee of
Economy and Finance approved on Monday article by article the fiscal package
for 2017.

The chairman of the Committee Erion
Brace explained in a statement to the media after the meeting, that the fiscal
package that will start being implemented from January 1, 2017 has been further

For all the disabled, the parliamentary
committee of economy approved the changes that exempt the motor vehicles used
for their movement from any customs fees.

Meantime, the committee decided to
reduce the mining royalty tax for all minerals to be processed within the

Another change that was approved by
lawmakers of economy committee was the decision to maintain in force the
current scheme of exemption from excise the fishing sector.

"We also held a promise for recycled
products in the country. We have reduced the national tax on waste collected
within the country from Lek 50 to Lek 1 per kg, which is a very important
element that will help companies in the country," said Brace.

On the other hand, the former Minister
of Finance, Ridvan Bode opposed tax differentiation for recycled plastic

Further on, the customs duty on raw
materials for light industry has been zeroed.

According to Brace, these are six
elements that will further improve fiscal package while he said that there will
be no tax increase during the next year.

Besides the removal of the above
mentioned taxes, the committee also approved the two new taxes, namely the tax
on liquefied gas and that on the luxury cars.

Excise tax on liquefied gas for vehicles
that was previously rejected by the Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI)
passed without discussion as according to the head of this committee, this tax
is still being negotiated.

According to Brace, the final decision on
this issue will be taken on December 15.  Meantime, Economy Committee approved the tax
on luxury cars.

All the changes to the fiscal package
for 2017 were approved only by majority MPs votes because the opposition refused
to vote any of these changes.

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