DP with Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce Law Discussed
Albanian Daily News
Published December 2, 2016

Business Associations met on Friday with Democratic Party (DP) parliamentary group representatives to discuss the law on the Chamber of Commerce, which obliges all businesses, large or small, to join the Public Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking to journalists at the end of this meeting DP Vice-Chair, Edmond Spaho declared that business is experiencing a suffocating clime while there’s a repression by the tax authorities. 

“Inexplicable increase of the fiscal burden every year goes up to USD 400 million. We explained to the businesses that the flat tax promise and Value Added Tax of 15% will be maintained by DP. Business is the main factor for new job places opening,” said Spaho.

Meanwhile one of the business representatives underlined their objection to the obligatory membership in the Chamber of Commerce. 

“This is an un-constitutional law  that does not include business. No business may be forced to become member of a Chamber which provides no service and does not represent him,” underlined the businessman. 


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