Albania, Romania to Expand Cooperation in Banking System
Albanian Daily News
Published November 26, 2016

The Governor of the Bank of
Albania Gent Sejko received in an official meeting at the Bank of Albania on
Friday, Mircea Perpelea the Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to Albania.

During the meeting, Governor Sejko
presented an overview of the banking system developments in Albania, underlying
the good financial indicators of this system. He added that the Bank of Albania
has pursued an accommodative monetary policy stance, supporting the
consolidation of the fiscal policy for a sustainable and long-term growth of

Also, Governor Sejko informed Ambassador
Perpelea on the latest developments in the Albanian economy and Bank of Albania's
contribution to boosting economic activity. He pointed out that economic growth
in Albania is on a positive trajectory and is expected to improve. Its main
economic balances will consolidate in the coming years.

Ambassador Perpelea thanked Governor
Sejko for the hospitality and noted his country's commitment, as a member of
the EU, to give all the necessary assistance in the framework of the European
integration process.

He also noted the importance of the
cooperation between the central banks of the two countries and offered the
expertise of the National Bank of Romania on various fields of central banking.

A former employee of the National Bank
of Romania, Ambassador Perpelea commended the Bank of Albania's work in
maintaining and safeguarding the financial system, price stability, and
currency stability. In this context, Ambassador Perpelea pointed out to the
similarity of the sustainability of the Romanian leu and the Albanian lek against
the volatility of international financial markets.

The Ambassador of Romania highlighted
the importance of the implementation of economic, structural and sectoral
reforms, and appraised the progress of Albania in recent years. These reforms
will positively contribute to creating an attractive environment for foreign

In conclusion, they shared the same
views about the perspectives of advancing the economic cooperation between the
two countries, mainly with regard to the financial system and the growth of
foreign investments in Albania.

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