Rama: USD 720 Million Debts Repaid in 3 Years
Albanian Daily News
Published October 27, 2016

Public debt trend toward decrease and economic growth were the main topic of Prime Minister, Edi Rama speech during the National Bank (NB) national conference on Thursday. He underlined that thanks to a number of delayed reforms undertaken during this three-years period state finances have been consolidated while the public debt has entered a downward trend.

He underlined that the left wing executive repaid arrears in a value of USD 720 million. Meanwhile currently the Albanian economy has registered a 3.2% growth.

"We are perfectly aware of the fact that this figure is insufficient to successfully cope with needs, but my optimism is based on the imminent finalization of a multitude of projects which positive influence the country's economy," said PM Rama.

According to him the public debt is being reduced, while funds in a total amount of USD 440 million in 4 years have been added to the families' budgets.

"This figure, along with USD 100 million funds used for salaries and pensions had a positive impact on consumption growth," declared the chief of executive.

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