Constitutional Court Judges Immersed in Debts
Albanian Daily News
Published October 26, 2016

Constitutional Court judges, who decided to suspend
the Vetting Law just two days ago, results to be very poor, referring to their property

According to the last data from the High Inspectorate of the Statement of Assets (ILDKP), they live with modest
incomes and a lot of debts.

The head of the Constitutional Court, Bashkim Dedja
result to be the 'poorest' one. He declared to live only with his salary and a lot of debts in a value of Lek
16.800.00.  Same for the other
judges, Vitore Tusha and Vladimir Kristo. They have declared their incomes
which comes from their salaries and few bank accounts.

In a difficult economic situation result to be even
the other Constitutional Court judge, Fatmir Hoxha. Besides the incomes from
his salary, he has declared a big debt to repay in a value of Lek 4.449.057.

Same situation for Gani Dizdari, Besnik Imeraj,
Altina Hoxhaj and Fatos Lulo. All of them declared in their declaration only
the income of their salaries.

Meanwhile, Sokol Berberi, the judge who left the job after the end of his mandate, except his salary declared to have to repay four
different loans in some banks in Albania and a personal debt.

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