Albania's Poverty Line Is Lek 16,000 per Capita
Albanian Daily News
Published October 26, 2016

The poverty line in Albania in 2015 was Lek 16,000
per capita. The figures were presented by the Albanian Ombudsman
Igli Totozani calculated using a modern method of study by independent economic

The Ombudsman explained that the method used in this study
is that of absolute poverty, calculated on the basis of the food basket by
referring to the study "The Calculation of the Poverty Line - from Poverty Line
as Survival to a Reasonable Standard of Living".

"According to the calculations, the poverty line in 2015
turns out to be approximately Lek 16,000 per month (Lek 7,089 for food expenses
and Lek 8,913 for non-food expenses). Unlike other studies on poverty line
level, the value determined by this study takes into account the social aspects
and trends of consumption in Albania," Totozani said.

But, according to the Ombudsman, the poverty line value
constitutes the basis on which the salaries, social pensions, economic aid,
payment of disability and unemployment payments should be calculated by making
the necessary adjustments in the number of family members, the number of
employees above and below working age, the family owned property, etc.

The poverty line in Albania is at the same level as the
Western Balkans, especially Serbia and Macedonia. This similarity with the
region increases the credibility of the estimated value of this study.

The Ombudsman noticed that in order to ensure a life with
dignity, the levels should be increased into a reasonable standard of living,
which means meeting physical, psychological and social needs of a person.

Following the publication of the study, the Ombudsman will
draw up some important recommendations directed to the Albanian government and to
the competent institutions in order to review the legal framework for the
calculation of the poverty line and establishing a strong legal environment
according to scientific bases.

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