Confindustria: Agreement with IMF Non-Renewal, Positive Decision
Albanian Daily News
Published October 23, 2016

Confindustria considers that the decision announced recently by the Albanian government for not repeated in the 2017 agreement, which gave conditional role the IMF / International Monetary Fund in the preparation of fiscal policy was expected. 

The essential reasons for the above decision are related to avoidance of the expected differences between the IMF and the Albanian government regarding fiscal and budgetary policies of the 2017 election year and the weak performance of the current economic and financial.

Confindustria warned that 3-year agreement between the IMF and the Albanian government in many essential terms would be harmful consequences for the local economy.

According to Confindustria IMF has the pertinent part of the responsibility of poor and negative consequences for the formulation and implementation of the above mentioned agreement has given the Albanian economy in the long term.  

The loan of USD 300 Million given by IMF to Albania with favorable financial terms does not justify the policy of increasing the fiscal burden on the work of nearly 50%, reducing the competitiveness of the country in attracting foreign investment, the complexity of unjustified fiscal system progressive taxation, etc.

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