OSHEE, Euro 4.7 Million Investments in Elbasan
Albanian Daily News
Published October 21, 2016

Some 20.000 businesses have signed an agreement with Energy Power Distribution (EPD) to pay the dues in mitigating installments of which about 25% of them have paid the debt to the company immediately, taking advantage of the interest rate reduction by 50%. 

The company is also investing in the network, and in the service, responding positively to repeated requests of subscribers to increase the quality of supply and delivery of products / packages that facilitate cooperation and timely repayment of the installments. 

During a dialogue with Elbasan citizens the EPD General Director, Adrian «ela declared that the company aims to implement a new system of payments management and subscribers request/complaints. 

"A total of 14 new modern centers have been established in the country's main regions while the process is still ongoing aiming the implementation of this system in 20 new centers," said «ela.

Referring to the current schemes «ela said that the new draft agreement, approved last May for businesses, have tripled the terms of repayment installments, and this fact resulted in the reduction of the principal amount.

Over 20.000 agreements signed between the private subscribers and EPD until August 2016. 25% of those subscribers immediately paid their due, benefiting a 50% discount on the interest, a sum equal to Euro 3.2 million. 

Referring to the EPD investments in Elbasani district «ela said that an investment of Lek 90 million enabled the total reconstruction of the city's electric network. 

"New investments with a total value of Lek 180 million are still underway in Elbasani district," said «ela.

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