Problems with Arber and Nation's Roads to Be Resolved Soon
Albanian Daily News
Published October 21, 2016

After the cramp which has lasted for several years, Minister of Transport
Sokol Dervishaj promised that the problems with the construction of the Arber
Road and the concessionary contract of Nation's Road will be resolved very

for the problems linked with the concessionary contract of the Nation's Road
and with investments in Arber Road, I believe that within two days, we will
have a clear answer and solution," Minister Dervishaj said.

statement of the Minister of Transport was made after an activity about the
situation of the water supply and drainage network. Dervishaj said that there
should not be any increase of water price just because the companies which
provide water have a bad performance.

am against the increase of prices without any reason, because of the
non-functioning or bad management of enterprises. The enterprises should be
managed with full professional capacities and with the right people, without
increasing expenses artificially," Minister Dervishaj said.

the chairman of Regulatory Entity of Water, Ndricim Shani said that during
2015, there has been a deterioration of the financial situation of the
companies and there will be a boom of requests for price increase during the
coming year.

year, not many applications were made for the increase of prices, because it is
a transitory period but we expect that with the implementation of the reform,
the area of service for enterprises will expand and this is a process has not
been completed yet and we expect a boom for tariffs during the coming year,"
Minister Dervishaj said.

on the reform of water supply and drainage network, the companies will now pass
under local administration to increase their performance.

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