Lu: Corrupt Judges Have Had their Day, Is time for a New Generation
Albanian Daily News
Published October 4, 2016

have been to a lot of boring graduations in my life with long and boring
speeches. There was one good one I
remember, though. It was 1985 and I was
not yet a graduate myself but everyone at my university was excited about one
of the guests for the graduation.

name was Theodore Seuss Geisel, but he is better known around the world as Dr.
Seuss.  He is famous for his rhyming
children's books, including The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and The

don't know if Dr. Seuss is famous in Albania, but in America every child grows
up reading his books. When he rose to
the stage to receive his honorary doctorate in fine arts, the students went
crazy. They clapped and they cheered as
he received his degree.

degree read, "in appreciation for showing children to the world of adults,
and showing adults to the world of children."

what would Dr. Seuss tell you if he were here with us today? He once famously wrote,

You're off to great places. Today is your day!  Your mountain
is waiting.  So get on your way.

what could this mean in the context Albania today? To me it means that corrupt judges and prosecutors have had their day.  Today is your
day. This is the time for a new
generation of judges and prosecutors to make its mark on the world. 

Albanian people should be filled with hope that your generation will be the
generation that restores hope and confidence that there will be justice for
all. They want to believe that your
generation will use this gift of the judicial reform to make sure that all people -- the guilty
and the innocent -- are treated with respect in this society.

have been guilty of many things in my life. 
Over these past two years, I have been guilty of criticizing the
integrity and professionalism of judges and prosecutors in Albania. 

is now your job to show the world that you can do better. That you can do your jobs professionally --
without corrupt money, without political influence, and without being
intimidated by dangerous criminals.

will have the challenge to be a generation that builds the people's
trust. To show them you can do better. To show them that you are
professional and just and wise.

is a big mountain to climb.  But with
great courage and resolve, we all have faith that you can get this done.

to all of the graduates, to their teachers and to their parents.  May we all remember this day as the first day
of a new generation of judicial professionals in Albania.

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