TAP Marks Start of Construction in Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published September 30, 2016

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG marked on Friday the start of pipeline
construction in Albania. The
occasion was marked by an inauguration ceremony near the town of Fier, attended
by the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, Minister of Energy and Industry,
Damian Gjiknuri, and TAP Managing Director, Ian Bradshaw.

to an audience that included, representatives of the local authorities and
other key stakeholders, Prime Minister Rama and Energy Minister Gjiknuri
emphaised the importance of the project to Albania. As one of the largest
foreign investments in the country, TAP will have a positive impact on the
country's energy sector and will help encourage other foreign investments, they

TAP Managing Director
Ian Bradshaw said: "I am delighted to be standing here today. TAP has
made huge progress over these last few years and the evidence is what you see
here today: steel pipes on the ground, heavy machinery in the background, right
of way being cleared and trenches dug waiting for pipe to be laid. All this,
with many hundreds of thousands of safe hours worked.

would like to take this opportunity to thank the Albanian Government, in
particular the Ministry of Energy and Industry for its unwavering support of
our project and our strong cooperation, which has led to TAP's realisation and
delivery of this project."

In Albania, TAP's
construction progress to date includes:

23 km of Right of Way
(RoW) cleared
12 km pipe strung
8 km of pipe
56% of pipes delivered -
Line pipes & bends continue to arrive in Durrës(since April 2016)
94% of access roads & bridges (combined
progress) are complete; approx. 90% of the workforce from Albania

continues to be an active player in Albania, particularly in the regions where
the project operates. Social investment projects are planned and executed with
the participation and in close cooperation with the local community


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