Matches-Fixing Trap
Albanian Daily News
Published September 27, 2016

The prohibition of doing things that are considered harmful for the health and the moral of the individuals and the society is not something new in the civilized world. It's not worth going back in time in the period of the Prussian state when the police removed the cigarettes from the mouths of the citizens as the walked down the Unter der Lindern Boulevard or the Tirgarden Park . Anyway, we have more recent and positive examples. The smoking limitation is one of them, along with the prohibition of adds, in such level that a once entirely European sport as Formula 1 now is desperately seeking tracks for the races in states outside the European continent, where these lucrative adds are allowed.

Such thing may be very well applied even for the bets on football, and on sports in general. Of course, a small and not so much developed country like Albania is not expected to be at the forefront of this revolution (or maybe we may call it a slightly accelerated evolution), but may pay attention to what is going on in the world. The Australia 's Premier League clubs, one of the most modern countries of the globe, asked the National Football Federation (NFF) to stop placing bets for their matches, once it was known the existence of suspicions of match-fixing in the Semi-Professional League.

What if such thing (is it really possible?) to be requested even by the Albanian Super-League teams to the Albanian Football Federation (AFF)? The motives that would justify this request are numerous. "Skėnderbeu", without any shadow of doubt the best club of those last years in Albania , waits the arrival of the Council of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision which expels this team for one year from the European Cups.

The UEFA commissions' decision was left in vigor by CAS, while the European executive of Football undertook this restrictive measure based on the testimonies of two football players and on the figures of unusual sums placed as bets in "Skėnderbeu" matches. The Europe of the football, as well as that of Formula 1, has undertaken some measures, and now the betting paradises have been reallocated in the Far East . The arrival in Tirana of the CAS verdict is expected to be the crucial moment that will show the Albanian structures seriousness for the match-fixing condemnations, due to the fact that "Skėnderbeu" is suspected of match-fixing even in the Super-League not only in the European Cups. AFF has been put under accusation for the protection offered to the Korça club due to the business ties between the leaders, while on the other side Partizani wait to be given the Champion title for the past season.

During a recent interview "Skėnderbeu" president, Ardian Takaj, said seemingly as casually that no other country in the world has so many bookmakers as Albania . This declaration seemed like a defense by attacking, as an indirect threat to reminds to the others that if his club is under accusation today other names may come out tomorrow. Takaj is more likely right. British studies have shown that the poorer and hopeless people are the more they tend toward gambling, so that a stroke of luck may change their life. What may be better? In the world of consume and shouting for a even higher profit life can no longer be pretty is the man that possesses that life is no longer rich.

Expect that, Albania (odds are that this is not the only country) has a feature. Taking advantage of ignorance and low consciousness of society the high ranks are those that gain more profit from the match-fixing for purposes of betting. If this issue would become part of a file, and if this file would be opened someday people would see many lawmakers, ministers, businessmen and football club presidents are involved. 

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