Energy Power Distribution Operator Investing $7 Million in Tirana
Albanian Daily News
Published September 21, 2016

Energy Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) has continued to invest in the capital of the country, Tirana, aiming at the improvement of the electric energy supply for the next 30 years.

The Director of OSHEE Regional Directorate of Tirana, Klevis Jahaj inspected Tuesday one of the areas of the capital, where Feeder 334 is being built. Its construction is taking less time than previously thought, three months instead of eight.

Distribution Feeder 334 is one of the six feeders which is being built at present by OSHEE as part of the project worth $7 million to strengthen the substation of Selita, from where the Feeders will be connected and they will affect almost half of Tirana, from Selita, to Lapraka, to Zogu i Zi, Kavaja Street, and other areas.

"Feeder 334 which carries 6 kV of high tension supply for these areas at present is old and in some segments it does not even meet technical conditions. It is overloaded and has great technical and non-technical losses. This new project replaces the old 6kV lines with 20 kV lines," Director Jahaj said.

This investment includes the construction of an 8.3 km line which carries 20 kV high tension supply, the re-construction of 10 cabins, the building of 18 new cabins, and the construction of a 5 km line which carries low tension supply.

Mr. Jahaj said that there are dozens of cabins which will be dismantled and removed because they do not meet the technical criteria and are as a result dangerous.

The project of Feeder 334 will be extended in several areas. It will start from the overpass of New Ring Road, alongside "Teodor Keko" street, to continue to "Hawai" and "Caravan" blocks of apartments which are along "Dritan Hoxha" street, to a part of Lapraka, and ending at the "Israel" blocks of apartments which continue until the former Aviation Field.

Through this project which will serve for the next 30 years, OSHEE will reduce technical losses and increase the standards of energy supply.

Besides this, it will also formalize the power distribution in an area where the cabins are private. These old cabins will be replaced with new cabins in the shape of boxes and will be owned by the company and they will meet all technical requirements.

So far, OSHEE has invested over $20 million in Tirana, and all projects have been made public, as in these areas: Bathore-Babrru-Paskuqan, Student City, Vasil Shanto, Kinostudio, Selita, etc. At present, projects worth $12 million are being implemented.


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