'DP Needs Willingness to See Herself'
By By Majlinda Bregu
Albanian Daily News
Published September 16, 2016

After Thursday's meeting of the DP Parliamentary Group, surprised by the numerous reactions in inbox of those that does not hesitate to speak, I think that I have only one chance to explain the motives of last debates in my party, following the electoral defeat in Dibra.

I may being an open communication, which does not replace "The Big One", but reaches every democrat or citizen that feels crashed by this executive and unfortunately still sees no hope in the opposition faster than the foots or the cars.

However declining might be this executive, however to buy votes and use intimidation as a votes obtaining instrument, there will be an end. But in order not to wait for the natural end of an authority that performs a massacre willingness to see ourselves is an absolute necessity.

Democratic Party has come out victorious every time it has not been hiding from herself, and the supporters. Regardless of the fact that we had in front a communist or a crime executive.

It's our fault! We should also be ashamed of trying to blame those that do not vote for us. The electoral defeat in Dibra is just a small piece of fatality, the nausea, and the dangerousness that is designed in the political, social and economic reality in Albania nowadays.

The electoral defeat is the slightest of the problems nowadays. But the way we approach to the truth inside us is my most worrisome element. DP branches, the women, the men, the militants that can't be purchase with a cannabis parcel, the voted, the un-voted, those left aside, those dismissed, the rookies and the DP supporters are experiencing this recovery concern.

I know that someone will say "Why now?", "What have you done?" and a number of other questions and assumptions that annoy me on a daily basis. Through this communication I do not pretend to give a solution to our joint concern or these messy conditions that we experience every day. I just want to communicate openly with those writing to me.

Mother Teresa used to say "Light a candle instead of blaming the darkness".

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