Students Must Win
Albanian Daily News
Published September 15, 2016

During an interview for the daily Telegraf, Lecturer at University of Tirana, Majlinda Keta expressed her thoughts about the protest of students against the new education system and the reaction of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Asked about the reaction of the Prime Minister Edi Rama on Tuesday during the protest of the non wining students, she said that the vocabulary of his politics has degraded and now we got used to finding public separation bastions of war and concern is the quality of communication to the Prime Minister by the 18-year-olds of this country, a new generation, where his discourse carries risk for the mental state of the young people who are not convinced that the state has given equality through the law, carries a risk for the cohesion among young people by opposing each other, carries a risk for anyone that through the discourse of the Prime Minister and Minister of Education of the Albanian state wants to see some of state of law, social justice, social cohesion or quality of democratic institutions in the country against the rights of youth, that of education primarily.

On the other hand, asked about the protest and the new education system, she was against the new system stating that there are done a lot of mistakes by the government of the perception and establishment of the new system.

Asked about the role of the opposition in this regard, she said that, firstly, the opposition betrayed the public opinion because they wasted the chance to meliorate the law on higher education.

 "Secondly, the opposition is not doing enough to confront former education ministers who compiled the State Matura with its pros and cons. Thirdly, the opposition must have realized that we are in an electoral year," Keta concluded.

Moreover, asked about the second phase, Keta said that the second phase can regulate some of the problems expressing her thoughts on the way the situation should be managed.

On the end, she said that this situation is not the failure of the left party by the failure of the 'Renaissance' that is neither left nor right, neither political nor professional, neither public nor private. 

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