Consumer Price Index Up to 2% in August
Albanian Daily News
Published September 9, 2016

Consumer Price Index in August 2016 arrived 101.1 % considerate December 2015 as base period. In August 2016 the annual rate of consumer price is 2.0 %. A year before the annual rate was 1.9 %, the Institute of Statistics said in its report published on Thursday.

Contribution of main groups in yearly changes of CPI: Annual growth rate in August was push up mainly from "Food and non-alcoholic beverage" group by +1.70 p.p. Prices of "Education service" group contributed by + 0.17 p.p. in annual rate. Prices of "Alcoholic beverages and tobacco" and "Recreation and culture" group each of them contributed by +0.07 p.p.. Price of "Furniture household goods and maintenance" group contributed by + 0.08 p.p.. Prices of "Different goods and service" group contributed by +0.03 p.p..

Prices of "Hotel, coffee-house restaurants" group contributed by 0.02 p.p. Prices of "Transport" groups, contributed by -0.14 p.p.. Prices of "Clothing and footwear" groups contributed by - 0.01 p.p.. (See Fig. 2, pg 2).

Yearly rate of main groups: Compared to August 2015, prices increased the most in the group, "Food and non-alcoholic beverage" by 4.7 %, followed by "Education services" group by 4.4 %, "Recreation and culture" group by 2.4 %, "Alcoholic beverages and tobacco" group by 1.4 % etc.

Within the food group prices of "vegetables include potatoes" subgroup are increased by 19.2 %, followed by "fruits" subgroup by 15.1 %, "milk, cheese and eggs" subgroup by 4.5 %, "fish" subgroup by 3.6 %, "sugar, jam and dessert" subgroup by 2.7 %, etc.

Meanwhile, prices of "meat" subgroup are decreased by 1.4 %, "bread and cereals" subgroup by 0.5 % etc.. On the other hand prices decreased the most in the "Transport" group by 2.2 %, followed by "Clothing and footwear" group by 0.4 %, "Communication" group by 0.1 %.

Monthly rate of consumer price is 0.9 %.

Compared to July 2016 prices increased the most in "Food and non-alcoholic beverage" groups by 2.3 %. Within this group, prices of "vegetables include potatoes" subgroup are increased by 12.2 %, and "fruits" subgroup by 1.7 %.

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