Albania Appreciates and Supports the Chinese Giant Initiative
By By Selim Belortaja, Albania’s Deputy Foreign Minister
Albanian Daily News
Published September 9, 2016

The good news is that Albania has not wasted time in embracing the idea of "One Belt, One Road" as it has originally been called the concept of the "New Silk Road" with its two components: the land and the sea corridor.

Testifying realism, from the podiums of the four summits of the leaders of the format 16 + 1 (China-Countries of the Central and Eastern Europe,) Albania has declared its appreciation and support for the Chinese giant initiative, as we have stated support for its incentive instruments as well: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Silk Road Fund, etc. This is surely insufficient. Because as more specialized researchers point out: "... this 21st-century initiative is not merely for China to romanticize its historical legacies: it carries major strategic, economic and geopolitical calculations."

The conception and implementation of the mega-project especially from the perspective of the Chinese interests is one side. The other side is that every participating country in the implementation of the projects of connectivity that will connect the Far East with the Western European Banks must-formulate its own interests.

This should be done as soon as possible and in the most accurate way from Albania as well. First of all, it should formulate the project of its interest, in the format and quality required to attract financial flows from China, or to study and to join based on interest, the sub-regional based projects, as well as negotiate actively and qualitatively the specific Chinese proposals that are related to massive investments and serious infrastructural and management projects.

In the fifth summit of China-CEEC initiative to be held in Riga at the end of this year, it is the case that Prime Minister Edi Rama presents precisely the most concrete and efficient projects and interests for the economy of Albania. 

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