Decision to Change Taxes on Online Purchases According to EU Standards, FinMin Says
Albanian Daily News
Published August 20, 2016

Finance Ministry informed that "the change of the non-taxable limit for the online purchases approximates standards to the European Union and countries of the region.

"The government's decision changed the non-taxable limit at customs for shipments of goods with no commercial character, which have an insignificant value specified in the decision, or to online purchase from the Internet to the extent of 22 Euro and for shipments from a person abroad to an individual in the Albanian territory, at the value of 45 Euro. The decision came into force after publication in the Official Gazette on August 3, 2016 has no retroactive effect," said the Ministry of Finance.

According to Finance Ministry, "such change is made in accordance and in compliance with the rules of the EU, namely the Directive 2009/132 / EC and Directive 2006/79 / EC, in respect of the rules of competition in the regional, European and domestic market".

Regarding the procedure to be followed in the aftermath, the General Directorate of Customs in cooperation and coordination with the Albanian Post will simplify procedures in favor of citizens. Thus, the Albanian Post will enable citizens to electronically complete the customs declaration and payment of customs duty. Citizens can carry out the procedure of customs clearance, payment and withdrawal of postal facilities at their cities' post offices.

The government's decision to tax online purchases over 22 euro entered into force on August 3, following its publication in the Official Gazette.

The decision stipulates that the purchased goods upon request from the internet, imported via postal dispatches, whose value does not exceed 22 Euros and shipments abroad for an individual that does not exceed the equivalent amount to the entire 45 euros, are exempted from paying the tax.

At the last meeting, the government decided that online purchases above 22 Euros will pay the VAT and customs duty, while for gifts or remittances that citizens receive from abroad, taxing will begin from the 45 euros.

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