Online Purchase Taxation, Albanian Post Objects Executive’s Decision
Albanian Daily News
Published August 19, 2016

Albanian Post publically objects the executive’s decision for a drastic decrease to Euro 22 of the limit for the online purchases expulsion from custom’s obligation. Meanwhile the limit for individual deliveries from abroad was lowered to Euro 45.

Through a press statement released on Friday the Albanian Post stresses that this decision was taken by initiative of the Customs General Directory without any previous consultation.

The Albanian Post underlines that the official attitude on this issue is that the online purchasing must be encouraged by raising the limit of expulsion from the custom’s obligation, considering this a global tendency that reduces the costs and meets the local consumers’ needs.

The Albanian consumers had finally reached a positive report between the quality and the price. Until recently any only purchase in a value of up to Euro 145 was not subject to custom’s fee. On the other side, from now on, every online purchase that goes beyond Euro 22 becomes subject to custom’s fee. Furthermore, every delivery from abroad that goes beyond Euro 45 becomes subject to taxation. 


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