Neranxi: Government Cannot Turn Residents from Owners to Homeless People
Albanian Daily News
Published August 15, 2016

A big protest was organized in Himara by the well-known Nikollaq Neranxi , the Executive Director of the Himara Community, against the governmental projects in this area, which according to protesters will steal their lands.

The protest was also supported by the Republican Party (RP) and the Human Rights Unity Party (HRUP). The protest was attended by RP Chairman Fatmir Mediu, chairman of HRUP Vangjel Dule, former mayor candidate Fredi Beleri, and other personalities.

The protesters were holding signs which read: "This land is called Himara and the people of Himara are its lords; The lands of Himara are not for sale; We don't sell the lands of our forefathers; and, Yes to public investments but no to theft."

In his remarks, the organizer of the protest, Nikollaq Neranxi said that the government cannot turn the residents from owners to homeless people and PM Edi Rama must cancel those projects which include the demolition of houses in Himara.

"I want to respond to those who ask me why I am involved in this issue. They do not understand how much this place means to us. Nothing scares us because we are autochthonous residents. I can tell Mayor Goro and the mafia power that you cannot turn us from owners to homeless people. Himara will never die and therefore, it does not need to rise again... Mr. Rama, why are you creating enmity hearths that will continue for generations? Come to your senses and cancel every bad plan that you have made against Himara," Neranxi said.

Meantime, the chairman of HRUP, Vangjel Dule said that the status of land property is in danger in Himara.

"The status of land property is in danger. The projects are being presented in contemporary rhetoric but there is only one main aspect to them, the robbery of lands," Dule said.

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