Islamic Bank Allocates Additional Fund of 35mln Dollars to Conclude Tirana- Elbasan Road
Albanian Daily News
Published August 6, 2016

The government has reached an agreement with the Islamic Bank for the additional fund for Tirana- Elbasan road. The Director of Albanian Road Authority, Dashamir Xhika unveiled the sum necessary to conclude works in this road in an interview for News 24 TV. Xhika said that the fund that the Islamic Bank will allocate is nearly 35 million Dollars, the necessary sum for Tirana- Elbasan road.

According to the new agreement, 85 percent of the project must conclude within December 31, 2016, and the rest within May 2017.

"It is true that Tirana- Elbasan project, one of the most important projects, has had management problems, but recently the Albanian Road Authority, through the technical council, has made the right decisions to bring this road on the right track. In cooperation with the Islamic Bank, the additional allocated fund requested by the Albanian Road Authority to conclude works after many problems, is 35 million Dollars and with this fund we think that the project will be concluded with the right standards and quality within May 2017. 85 percent of works will be concluded until December this year, the rest will be secondary works that will end until May 2017," said Dashamir Xhika.

This sum is considered indispensible to conclude Tirana- ELbasan road with parameters and standards after the landslide in Ibe village. The Islamic Bank has also been active in the procedure of approving the additional fund, while the Greek company ‘Aktor’ has started intensive works to conclude this important road. 


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