Consensus as a Patriotic Approach
By By Luan Rama
Albanian Daily News
Published August 2, 2016

Albania has reached to a critical point in which the political consensus that preceded the unanimous voting, or better that was concretized with the outvoting of 140 MPs for constitutional changes, which paved the way to the judicial reform, must prove seriousness, responsibility and cohesion in its approach in the process of vitalization of this reform, respecting the created standard.

On the contrary, the applauses and hugs in the Parliament hall, after voting for the constitutional changes in the midnight between July 21 and 22, would be worthless. And in this context, the solution may come only from one word: faith or good faith.

The question is: What will Albania continue to be like then? Now that we have a redone Constitution in the fundamental nodes, like the relation between powers or the relation between the sovereign and interdependence, will this continue as a synergic solution? Or the only solution will continue to be faith and good faith, thus consensus? And, naturally when I speak about faith, respectively good faith, I never refer to the faith in a divine power, but to faith in an ally with a world leadership role like the US, Albania's strategic partner.

Is there a reason for Albanians to doubt in the fruitfulness of an American solution to the current state in Albania? Since the moment this question has been asked, we have admitted that we are not dealing with only an Albanian issue. Because the issue of failure of parliamentary democracy is also an issue of our allies, and of the US first of all.

Albania has historically lacked a strategic ally, like Greece had Britain or Serbia had Russia. The luck of Albanians started to change for good since when the US became geo-politically present in the European concerns, wars and peace. If the 21st century has been called the century of Albanians, this is first o all related to the American initiatives and actions in the region.

Is there any other political power that has proved so much friendship, interest and support for Albanians? Not at least since the proclamation of the principle of self-determination of peoples by President Wilson. The US has entered local wars for the sake of Albanians. No one else has done this thing in the history.

All facts are such that they lead us to the conclusion that nothing bad can come to Albanians by an American solution. Hence, what was achieved and showed with the consensual voting for constitutional changes must be the practice of our political and parliamentary behavior in the entire process of vitalization and implementation of the judicial reform.

In this way, we will show that the consensual voting was not achieved just to become patriots for one night, but because we consider the consensus a really patriotic contribution for the country. And referring to faith or good faith again, the consensus for big reforms is meantime even a gesture of respect for the allies and our big partners, which support and encourage consensus as an unalienable value in pluralism in the stage of developments where Albania currently is, to avoid conflicts, differences and lack of mistrust. 

Big reforms, and such is even the judicial reform, are led by reformatory and visionary leaders. Thus, their implementation by consensus should be seen as a patriotic service for the country, to guarantee the necessary stability and indispensible legitimacy to prove integrity and commitment in the irreversible trip towards the European integration of the country.

But, political dialogue gains a primary importance in order to keep and consolidate consensus. Not only for the adoption of the next laws that follow the constitutional changes and are related with the next step to implement the judicial reform, but even for other primary issues regarding the country's development, consolidation of functional democracy and constitutional institutions, the electoral reform and European integration, political dialogue must be guided by consensus.

Martin Luther King said: "A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus." It is time for the political leadership of the country to prove that it has the ability to mold consensus. In this case, the cost doesn't justify any kind of political stubbornness or immaturity. (Daily Panorama, July 28, 2016)

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