Candles for Albanians, But Thousands Are Needed!
By By Genc Mlloja
Albanian Daily News
Published July 7, 2016

Now, even those appraisals such as brave, freedom-loving, hospitable, peace loving, honest, clever people and some others that were attributed to the Albanians in previous times, have been denied to them. The foreign politicians, let alone the locals, do not "sing" those lullabies to them anymore. Danglers, talkative, thieves, criminals, traffickers, ignorant, these are among the labeling made to them now, and Belgium put it into practice quickly and added the country of Albanians in the list of the unsafe countries.

But as in every country, there are such people, there have been earlier as well, but they do not represent the entire Albanian people. On the contrary, even in the darkest times, Albanians have had Besa, have shared bread with the needy people, they have not troubled any neighboring contrary, on the contrary the others did not leave them alone.

Candles were lit at the Elyse for the Albanian Prime Minister, as we heard last Monday. 100 years more says an Albanian wish to someone who has the birthday like it happened with PM Rama . The candle lightening is the symbolism; it is the culture of the Western respect of the high class for the people of their class.

But, since it was somewhat an atmosphere of candles in the Paris Summit on Western Balkans, what if some candles were lit for thousands and thousands of poor Albanians living in the Africa of Europe called Albania, without food and water at the end of the day, for old men and women suffering the last days of life without a drop of water, for the children with empty stomach that become victims of the physical and moral violence, for the women who strive in the towns and countryside to provide bread for their families.

However, it's better that they are not lit because they would not have been enough, lots of them are needed, tens of thousands of candles for these Albanians who make 80 percent or more of the population hanging around in front of the enormous wealth of a minority of politicians, MPs, businessmen, whose circle is fulfilled with the super traffickers of everything of this country becoming an inseparable symbiosis.

Candles for these ones are enough because they are not many and you can light the candles for them, but they lit the candles themselves in the luxurious residences that are adding in the most beautiful places in Albania systematically, making Albanians live more and more into places that are like ghettos. Maybe they do not want those candles because, supposedly, the judicial reform can turn off their candles...

But a candle could have been lit for the 4- year-old boy killed in Kumanovo, Macedonia, whose Prime Minister was in the Western Balkans Summit in Paris. That little Albanian was killed exactly one day before the meeting for the Western Balkans and the why of his murder should have worried you more than Brexit and its consequences on the region.

Compatriots of the Angel called Almir lit thousands of candles for him, tons of tears were shed, but the thing is if some bigger candle is lit, to whom the tears will only add to its light, but probably even to its fire.

Ah, yes, save even a candle to make light for the robbers of the sacks with Euros because it might happen that the next night, the next robbery at Rinas airport in Tirana or in some any "strategic" point protected by the police in Albania might happen.  (Koha Jone, July 6, 2016)

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