Online Building Permits, Designers Supplied with E-Signatures by July
Albanian Daily News
Published June 30, 2016

Following the consultations with stakeholders on the online system of building permits and improvement of the process of controlling and disciplining of construction works, the Minister Urban Development, Englantina Gjermeni met on Wednesday with designers and architects. These meetings, beyond their informative and introductory role, are conceived even as a good platform to discuss, to get opinions and suggestions of the stakeholders.

Online application for building permits will become mandatory after 1 September 2016 and an important element is the equipment of designers with electronic signature, within July. In the absence of electronic signature, no designer will be able to perform the submission of projects for construction of a building permit.

Minister Gjermeni focused on the work that the expert group of the Ministry of Urban Development is doing to improve process of controlling and disciplining of construction works, demanding the architects, designers or builders to express their opinion, where or how to intervene.

"With this revision process, we aim to have a clear division of responsibilities between the municipality and local inspectorate on the one hand; and a clear division of responsibilities that licensed professionals involved in process control will exercise, and on the other hand, the establishment of clear responsibilities and applicable to infringements by these professionals, whether financial responsibility or disciplinary ones. Our goal and ambition as Ministry is that these legal changes should ensure a more effective process of control of works, which notes from the initial stages all the illegal buildings," pointed out Minister of Urban Development, Englantina Gjermeni.

Within the next 10 days, projectors and architects can send to the Ministry of Urban Development all opinions and suggestions they have to improve the law on controlling and disciplining construction works. Based on these reviews and the best international practices, Ministry of Urban Development will work to draft the necessary legal changes.

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