DP's Basha Unveils Its Program to IMF Mission, DP Set to Cut Taxes
Albanian Daily News
Published June 22, 2016

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha had a meeting on Tuesday with the mission of the International Monetary Fund, during which he made an overview of the economic situation in the country and also presented the plan of the Democratic Party to take the country out of crisis.

Basha said that in addition to the presentation of the plan, DP also denounced corruption, fiscal evasion and smuggling that this government has done while he said that citizens have to pay about Euro 1 billion per year.

Mr. Basha said that their economic program consists of returning the flat rate tax to 9%, and that he will cancel all the concession the current government has given. "We showed the IMF mission our plan to take the country out of crisis and our plan foresees the establishment of the flat tax at the level of 9%, removing the progressive tax that burdens the poor ones while we also will reduce VAT tax from 20% to 15%," Basha declared.

"We talked about the deterioration of the economic situation in the country, which is a result of the deteriorating business climate created by this government. I also briefed the IMF mission with the DP plan for taking the country out of its crisis. The plan consists of tax reduction; flat rate tax will be 9%, Value Added Tax will go down to 15% from the current 20%. We will simplify the procedures and bring abuses with businesses to an end. We will cancel the concessions given by this government. We will focus on investments, especially in agriculture, and opening of new jobs. We have predicted 150 million euro investments in agriculture," said Basha.

He also said that DP wants to put to an end the abuses with citizens' money while he added that the Democratic Party will cancels the abusive and corrupt concessions and turn the focus to expenditure on investments in order to develop the country and open new jobs.

He also said that the opposition has been engaged in three years to denounce the corrupt practices of the government, especially in the field what is called Public-Private Partnership. He also said that the country is suffering the consequences of the bad fiscal performance, worsened business climate, corruption, evasion and increase of taxes.

The International Monetary Fund mission arrived in Tirana a week ago to discuss the economic developments in the country and the changes that are expected to be made in the 2017 fiscal package, which will be drafted soon.

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