Number of Exporting Companies Increasing
Albanian Daily News
Published June 19, 2016

In period 2012-2015, the number of exporting enterprises from the merger of the Trade Register and Enterprises Register has been increasing. Analyzing the number of exporting enterprise in 2012, of 2.036 companies, compared to their number in 2015, of 2.516 exporting enterprise, we observe a significant increase by 23.6 % of these enterprises.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (SME), during this period (2012-2015) dominated the group of companies for exporter and importer activity, having an annually average of 95.9 % of total exporting enterprises and 98.3 % of total import enterprises.

In 2015 the number of exporting SME reached 2,411 enterprises, increasing by 23.6 %, compared to 2012, while the number of importing SME reached to 8,723, increasing by 20.6 % compared with 2012. In 2015, according to their size, micro exporting enterprises (1-9 employees) occupy 43,7 % of total exporting enterprises, small exporting enterprises (10-49 employees) occupy 36.3 % of total export enterprises, medium exporting enterprises (50-249 employees) occupy 15.8 % of total exporting enterprises and big exporting enterprises (250+ employees) occupy 3.8 % of total export enterprises.

For period 2012-2015, enterprises operating in manufacturing sector (including the activities of extractive industries, manufacturing, electricity and water) have the largest share of exports value. In 2015, the enterprises which operates industry sector represent 80.6 % of the value of exports, increasing by 3.9% compared with 2012.

In 2015, large enterprises occupied 53.0 % of the exports of enterprises operating in the industry sector. SME represent 81.6 % of the exports of the enterprises operating in the trade sector.

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