Italy the Most Important Trade Partner, Says PM
Albanian Daily News
Published June 17, 2016

Present in a meeting with Italian industrialists in the foundation of Confindustria Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama estimated the strategic partnership with Italy, bringing concrete figures of trade exchange and tourism from 2013. 

"Italy is the most important trade partner for Albania and this is proved even by exchanges at very high levels between the two countries. There are nearly 2,600 registered Italian enterprises in our country, but it is important for us to expect more Italian enterprises in our country," underlined Rama. 

The Albanian PM further added that the country has entered a process of painful but indispensible reforms, but above all he mentioned that of the general liberalism of energy market, a sector that according to data of the government has become considerably stable after the measures undertaken by the government.

"The economic model based on remittances for us is now exhausted and that is why we had to turn to new economic model based on production. This is an important moment for our economy because we are establishing a model based on stable sources," declared Prime Minister Rama.

The head of government also mentioned the fact that since 2013, the number of Italian citizens who have visited Albanians has increased by 40 percent.

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