$7mln Concession Agreement on Shengjin Yacht Port Signed
Albanian Daily News
Published June 11, 2016

The concession agreement for the construction of a yacht port in Shengjin, an investment worth 7 million dollars, was signed on Friday at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The agreement was signed between Transport Ministry and the company "Adriatic", winner of the tender.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Edmond Haxhinasto said that this port with a capacity of 200 yachts will bring development to the area in terms of tourism and employment. The minister said that the port is designed with the most modern technology of cruise ships anchoring and it should be operational within 1 year.

"This is a positive development for the tourist ports that are built and are being built in the country, such as the port of Tura castle in Kavaja. Another concession contract is approved for a similar construction in the north of the current port of Durres. Also, we are considering concession requests for the ports in the south, as in Bunec etc., that are complementary to the mosaic of tourist ports of the country," said Haxhinasto. He added that "it is necessary that in addition to the construction of ports, develop relevant infrastructure should also be serving yacht marinas".

The Minister replied to the journalists for concession of National Road, or request of the company "SGS" to increase the tariff of vehicles' technical control.

Regarding the concession of maintenance and investment in Milot-Morine road, he said that "to carry out maintenance of the road are needed around Euro 4.5 million per year, and all these things shall be accomplished with a fee of crossing the road, as it is the normal method in every country of Europe."

"This is a convenient way to reduce the pressure on the state budget, to complete this work and use public money of Albanian citizens for other things," said Haxhinasto, adding that "two and a half years of this government they invested approximately 30 million dollars just in road safety. "

Regarding the 5 euro fee for movement on this axis, Haxhinasto said that "the calculation is made taking into account that it was below the average of the region for kilometer."

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