From North to South -Albania Unfolds Its Touristic Offer for German Guests
Albanian Daily News
Published June 9, 2016

breathtaking landscapes of the Northern Alps and the yet-to-be-discovered
pearls of the southern regional coast, intertwined with culture, history and
tradition are at focus of a promotional and familiarizing tour that a group of
German journalists and tour operators have started in Albania since June 4th.
The tour is organized by the National Tourism Agency (NTA) with support from
projects financed by the German federal government that are implemented in
Albania by theDeutsche GesellschaftfürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, which
support the rural population and the development of a sustainable economy with
focus on natural, cultural and rural tourism.

Organized in different
itineraries and time intervals, as many as 22 German journalists and
tour-operators are visiting Albania from north to south and will continue their
exploring journey until June 16th. Guests from Germany include
journalists from prestigious media outlets such as Euronews, the Huffington
Post, Suddetschezeitung, FranfurterAllgemanie, etc. Through this trip the NTA
aims to introduce them with Albania's touristic potential so that hopefully
they can inform their readers back in Germany about the rich and diverse
tourism package Albania has to offer.

Part of the group are
also German tour-operators who have been invited to explore new tourism
destinations in Albania, as well as to get to know from closethe diverse
tourism attractions there. From the beautiful landscapes and natural parks in
the north to the amazing combination of mountains and the sea in the south,
guests from Germany will get to know from close also the culture, history and
traditions of locals. Besides unfolding the full tourism offer of the southern
coast and the Alps, and the promotion of local products, the NTA hopes that
this visit will enable the establishment of cooperation between German
tour-operators and Albania tourism providers, as well as to encourage the
exchange of experiences between the two countries.

The different
itineraries of this journey through Albania meet on June 10th in the
Castle of Ali Pasha in Porto Palermo, Himara, where a "Market Forum" will take
place with the participation of representatives from central and local
government, tourism experts, local stakeholders and groups
of interest, journalists, etc.


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