INSTAT Report - Albania's Population Continues to Decline
Albanian Daily News
Published May 24, 2016

The Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) published this week "Women and Men in Albania 2016" report with financial and technical support from UN Women. The population dynamics are being defined by the natural increase of population and net migration.

The report discovered that the population of Albania continues to decline. Compared with the previous year, the population decline is 0.24% in total, respectively 0.05% for males and 0.44% for females.

The natural increase for both genders is almost the same. The decline came mainly from net migration, which is negative, and is higher for women.

The sex ratio of the total population is 51% male and 49% female. While, 57,2% of the population lives in urban areas and 42.8% live in rural areas. Urban areas are more populated by women, 54.4% of the urban population are women.

Meanwhile, the rural areas are more populated by men with 53.1% of the total population of these areas. This is explained by the internal population movements that were more oriented from rural to urban areas and mainly women.

The average age of the population in 2015 was 37.2 years. The average age for men was 36.4 years old, while for women it was 37.9 years old. The highest average age for women is because women have a higher life expectancy.

For 2015, the life expectancy at birth is estimated to be 76.1 years for males and 79.7 years for women. This means that women live on average 3.6 years longer than men.

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