AIDA Sees SMEs as Cornerstone of Business Growth in Albania
Albanian Daily News
Published May 21, 2016

The Director of the Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) Gent Beqiri said on Friday that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the cornerstone of business growth in Albania.

AIDA presented on Friday the Europe Network of Enterprise, an important instrument in the strategy of the EU, in order to support small and medium enterprises on the possibilities of doing business in the single market of the EU.

Participants were also Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Adela Karapici, as well as representatives of the EU project and the Ministry of Integration. Deputy Minister Karapici said in her speech that the participation in this scheme is an opportunity for companies aimed at finding potential partners to do business in the markets of Europe and beyond.

Mr. Genti Beqiri in his welcoming speech stressed the importance of the project for small and medium enterprises in Albania. 

"On behalf of AIDA and the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship we wish to jointly exploit maximally this opportunity to support the Albanian SMEs in developing their access to competitive markets, to increase production capacity in order to be able to integrate in EU market," he declared.

He added that this platform helps SMEs in many aspects such as Support Package for SMEs; Transfer of technology; Access to Finance; Information and advice on law and EU standards; Help for intellectual property rights; Funding for research etc.

"In few words, this platform helps the SMEs how to do business in the EU market," Beqiri concluded his statement.

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