Europe Day, EU Week and the Everyday of My Students
By By Majlinda Keta
Albanian Daily News
Published May 9, 2016

This will be the most significant Europe May 9 at my student auditorium. I will dedicate all this to Flogerta Kryqi, the 23-year-old Albanian, who will give motivation to the student discussion on May 9, Europe Day and Albanian educational philosophies.

For a professional in education it is quite clear the value of compiling a good question.

The focus will be in the 3 questions of the EU Ambassador, Romana Vlahutin at the meeting with the youths, part of which was even Flogerta Kryqi.

1. Why the young people do not read? Are they not fond of education?

2. Why isn't reform going through?

3. Are we doing our job well?

Dear Ambassador, we all know now Flogerta's answer, which confirmed her truth on the country and its 25 years journey under the motto "Let us make Albania like Europe".

I learned that they attempted to prevent Flogerta to make her speech because someone there knew very well the courageous Flogerta. This is another screaming truth that profanes the moral of this day (Europe Day).

I believe that you would have reformulated the first question if you knew that Flogerta not only reads but she is infinitely educated but also because she is a prominent young poet and novelist. She graduated in Albania and Germany as an excellent student. She is a girl who already has understood the binomial EU-Albania relation and states in her interviews that "Germany is my home but Albania remains my inspiration" as she leads an organization with the motto "I Choose to change the world". She is clear of the future and her contribution for Albania.

Your second question must have been directed, not to Flogerta, but to those who have stolen and continue stealing the morality of Europe Day.

"I have not heard a politician speaking the truth about my country. I have not heard a politician in 25 years to speak something good on my people. In 25 years the Albanian politicians have complained for 45 years of communism. Who the hell needs that? That is why justice does not work. Because in countries like this, the truth is not said in Parliament," Flogerta said.

This brief discourse of Flogerta's answer is the first public question directed to YOU, EU Ambassador, one of many diplomatic mentors of EU integration of Albanians in 25 years:

"Why after 25 years of our journey, common for you and us, do Albanian youths want to emigrate and leave this place?"

Today's problem, after 25 years, stands on the irresponsibility of the Albanian political class but also of the "experts" chosen by you to conclude the judicial reform.

This was confirmed while you announced the week participating in parliamentary and political group meetings and their discussion sessions about the reform. Neither you nor all the diplomatic corps understand where your diplomatic freedom begins and where it ends in this country with an unconscious political class.

Ms. Ambassador, try for one week (even for Europe Week) to attend student university auditoriums and discuss with them the level of confidence they have in themselves, the state or the future of our 25 years journey.

I am convinced that Europe Day and EU Week will be more valuable with student discussions throughout Albania than the years, interminable weeks of the "reformatory parliamentarians, not incriminated, listed by omnipotent Party's heads, from the free vote".

Do not consume yourself with "moderated" rulers and their governmental mediocrity, with "civil society" qualified as mercenaries and "yes-men" political powers, with journalists controlled by the political oligarchy, when others get immediately fired because they try to say the truth.

Happy Europe Day, EU weeks and years to come for the entire humanitarian project of the United Europe based on freedom, responsibility and moral values of nations for development, undivided either from wealth or history or from the trust between each other.

Majlinda Keta, Lecturer of European Integration Philosophy

University of Tirana

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