Online Constructions Permits, Rama: Forward Step
Albanian Daily News
Published May 6, 2016

The electronic system that enables construction permits obtaining was presented on Friday during the conference "Online construction permits". This conference was attended by the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Urban Development Eglantina Gjermeni. In a short speech in front of the participants Minister Gjermeni said that the online obtained construction permits, otherwise known as E-permits, are an important link of the urban development plan. Meanwhile Prime Minister Rama said that this service is a forward step considering the dramatic changed experienced by the country's territory.

"E-permits should be considered a forward step that brings Albania closer to the other countries. Albania has a very negative heritage in relation to the database of the assets with the territory. The country's territory has been subject to a dramatic change with nearly 400.000 objects that lack a construction permit. Urban plans have quickly become worthless due to the rapid evolution in the territory" declared Prime Minister Rama.

Referring to the new system for the online constructions permits PM Rama said that the new system aims to fight the corruption phenomenon.

"System modernization fights corruption. The idea that the system is corrupted by the people does not correspond to the truth. It's completely the opposite."

He concluded his speech by emphasizing that the fight against illicit construction will continue even in the future. 

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