Four years later, the Arab Spring has turned into a sharp global winter
Albanian Daily News
Published February 19, 2015

Ilir Kulla

years after 'the Arab Spring' there are many of those who question whether this
"Spring" should have happened. Was it something good for the world? Was it
commanded from somewhere, or was it a series of chain events that couldn't be
avoided? Was it a triumph of Muslim Brotherhood, a triumph of Political Islam,
of Salafi Movements of Persian Gulf countries, or was it a trap of Israel and
USA used in the best way possible by Russia and Iran?!

years later, Tunisia is a democracy where 'Enada' is an opposition party. Here
we can admit that the democratic system has worked, but the Islamic movement
has lost the first elections. Yemen has removed its dictator, but it still
remains destabilized. Egypt is facing only destabilization and has turned into
a military dictatorship with the Saudi and American help. The democratic
Lebanon remains destabilized, being threatened by Hezbollah. Libya is
separated, there are two governments in it and now there is still the
possibility of having an open civil war under the custody of a local caliph.
Syria is divided in two mini-countries in north and the other part is
controlled by Bashar al-Assad and his allies. The possibility of separation in
this case is even greater; meantime Assad has turned into the most trustworthy
factor for the international authorities. ISIS has become the main phenomenon
thanks to the world of international media.

is clear that all those who spoke for the new wave of democracies must
understand that the fairytales they have read for Huntigton have disappointed
them. Secondly, Globalization has many faces and maybe all of them are real.
Its purpose was to create a reality to rule the world under the authority of a
trilateral Commission and thanks to its instruments such as internet, market
and social networks it has proved to conduct predictable processes. All those
who encouraged the overthrown of Assad, Gaddafi, Mubarak etc, have realized
they were wrong about the dictators. It might not be distant the day when Assad
will be proposed for the "Nobel" award by the same individuals, who wanted to
hang him earlier in time. Iran, from the greatest devil of the World has turned
to be the greatest partner in the war against ISIS. Saudi Arabia has increased
the oil production, in order to weaken Russia and Iran, but on the same time
has caused chaos in oil market.   

USA is being prepared to overthrow the anti-American government in the
post-Chavez Venezuela as well as Argentina and Bolivia. These countries find
themselves in the grip of financial ruin due to the huge drop of oil prices.
The situation in EU isn't any better. 'Tsipras' effect on one side and the war
in Ukraine on the other side represent a dangerous explosive mine for the old
continent. The only point untouched is Israel, who is more stable than ever.
However, the wars between the Arabs calm Israel; meantime if Israel entered
this huge map of conflicts, the outcome might be a World War III. After four
years we might just as well say that the Arab Spring was a virus similar to
AIDS with destructive and lethal effects.

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