Albanians' Biblical Exodus Like a Well-thought Ominous Scenario
By By Nikollaq Neranxi
Albanian Daily News
Published March 25, 2016

Only in 2015 more than 66,000 citizens left Albania and that is the number of those registered in member countries of the European Union. Those who have left for other countries are not included in this figure.  According to data provided by Eurostat, the number of asylum seekers from Albania increased 439 percent as compared to a year ago.

The Albanian refugees are mainly young people, the most important part of the society for which there is no perspective in their own homeland.

This is one of the biggest dramas that could happen to a country and nation because it is an evident proof that the wrong policies are forcing people to leave the country despite that they were promised a better life in exchange of their votes.

Is there a bigger hypocrisy than hearing that Mujahideen and Syrians are being accepted while Albanians are being expelled? Whether many people may consider this as a government's failure, I consider it a completely something else.

This is a well-thought scenario to expel those "maverick" individuals who want the authorities give account. They demand social policies for a better life; they object to high taxes, the miserable health services, the low wages, and the high prices. They are considered "mean" as they demand their own properties, they want to protect parks, and they demand their legal rights because they have been told that they live in a democratic country.

Therefore, the life of these citizens must be miserable by all means so that they go and leave authorities alone, and instead of them the latter could bring desperate people with minimum demands, who just want a little safety because of the war and strong conflicts happening in their countries.

But, the Albanian reality shows that the war is nothing in face of the diabolic minds that kill more than bullets, and destroy more than natural disasters.

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