Let's Have Fun with Art and Welding!
By By Linda Karadaku
Albanian Daily News
Published March 7, 2016

Austrian Institute of Excellence (AIEx) organizes a workshop at the welding center WIFI named "Art in Tirana? The Iron Lady", to promote the inclusion of women in the metal industry. Gledis Kalaja, structuring engineer, Enkelejda Sotja, mechanical engineer, expert for the control of metal structures, and Claudia Vollmer, trainer of women who find their hobby in weldingin Germany, will lead the construction of a woman's figure, sending the message that women should not only be in offices, runway shows, fashion, and social media, but are able to do more, so much more.

Mrs. Vollmer has worked for ten years in Germany, training women in Hamburg, on how to work with metal, and approach the art of welding as their hobby. "It makes women feel more powerful. I love doing this. It's great to see younger women doing this; it's a great opportunity to be a professional on this field," Vollmer told Albanian Daily News. This group of women is working to construct the "Iron Lady",a message to the society for the International Women's Day.

We are used to experience March 8, the day of women and girls, as a day of celebration, flowers, dancing and even crazy nights through the bars. But not all perceive and experienceMarch 8 the same way. Many of us see it as a day to give messages, to react, to protest, and to show the society thatwomen are "Iron," contributing greatly to the whole society in general and being a reflection of it. Therefore, March 8,this year comes with a different message for women and girls and for the society in general. "Welding is a very honorable profession," Bianca Duro, managing director ofAIEx, told Albanian Daily News, explaining that it is part of the applied arts.

"The greatest damage to the society is the perception of safety only through a diploma," continues Duro, statingthat women find themselves more comfortable in offices, being lawyers, advocates, and managers, or in other professions. But females are able to work more and do a variety of different jobs, even those traditionally considered jobs for men. Welding is one of them. 600 men have been trained so far at AIEx, the training partner of WIFI International, to become welders in Albania, but no woman. "It will be a contribution to see mothers, daughter, wives, sister in a different perspective this March 8, to tell the society that we know how to celebrate, but we also can learn the skills needed to apply a variety of professions, how to be different from the rest," said Duro, stressing that perception on professions has already begun to change. Furthermore, welding is one of the most required professions in Europe and it requires training and a certificate of skill to enable professionals to work for European projects and in European countries. Enkelejda Sotja says for Albanian Daily News "Through this workshop we want to bring down a taboo, that there are certain professions only men can do". Sotja has constructed several objects at her home with just metal. If possible, she would have constructed everything with metal.

Participants of welding trainings are awarded internationally-recognized certificates

Austrian Institute of Excellence has offered and offers training in a number of areas such as gas welding, MAG/MIG, TIG welding, special methods of welding, polyethylene welding, welding supervisorand also certificates on this profession. The participants of welding trainings are awarded internationally-recognized certificates according to the following specialties, steel welder according to ENISO 9606-1andaluminum welder according to EN ISO 9606-2. It also offers courses for the experienced welders, in pipe welding according to M7807, polyethylene welding according to EN 13067, ferroconcrete welding according to EN 17660and oxygen welding according to EN 13133. WIFI International, training partner of AIEx, is looking back onto a 65-year history of success being the number one partner in education and advanced education of Austrian industries. Annually approx. 420,000 customers participating in more than 30,000 WIFI-events, held by more than 12,000 trainers, are proof of a well-expanded and efficiently working organization.Austrian Institute of Excellence offers participants for each professional requirement:Trainers with high level of competence, easy access to educational offers, maximum learning progress in each course, tailor-made offers for companies,goal-oriented accompaniment to learning success,high level of practice-orientation of the courses,and conducive learning environment and support during professional development.

Standardized training courses, soft-skills training and Austrian Certificate of the German Language (ÖSD) through Reputable Partners

Austrian Institute of Excellence (prior WIFI Albania), founded by Mr. Hans Spernbauer and Mrs. Bianca Duro, is the general umbrella, under which the institution offers all of its services.

The institution has long provided the Albanian market with training programs and persons' certifications in the soft-skills and technical fields in accordance to the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17024 through WIFI Certification Body, as well as project management training preparation modules through PMI Chapter Austria®.

They have recently broadened their services by gaining the exclusive right of offering German Language courses and certification through ÖSD - ÖsterreichischesSprachdiplom Deutsch (The Austrian Certificate of the German Language), with the latest and best methods of learning. 

For the first time ever in the industry of metal refinement they bring the qualification for International Welding Supervisors in the Albanian language, through ANB - Authorization National Body in Austria with the international modules and program from IIW - International Institute of Welding.

Through OFI - ÖsterreichischesForschungsinstitut (Austrian Research Institute), they bring you expertise in materials technology, by examining and confirming the reliability of materials. OFI is accredited from Akkreditierung Austria / bmwfw as an accredited test- and inspection body.

Last but not least through Quality Austria they offer competence for integrated management systems for securing and increasing business quality within the organizations. The basis for the services provided by Quality Austria is formed by the respective accreditation rules. In order to achieve differentiation in the market, AIEx constantly strives to exceed these requirements. Quality Austria is guided by the intention to improve the business quality of the worldwide customers. In this context, product and service quality is understood as being part of business quality.

AIEx is about different sectors of services prospering through capable management and we will rigorously work to make sure each sector is executing well.

Through their innovative and exclusive learning method, knowledge is imparted in "small bites",in order for each participantto not feel overloaded and to be able to absorb the knowledge gained quickly and deeply.

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