What Is Happening to Socialist Party...
By By Arben Vata
Albanian Daily News
Published February 29, 2016

Recent developments show that the Socialist Party, which was taken hostage for years by Edi Rama and his politico-mafia gang, through suspicious links with crime and media financed from these segments, does not intend to stop the action on complete criminalizing of this political formation and diving the country into a chaotic situation and total insecurity. In an open challenge to the message of the U.S. Secretary of State, Kerry, just a few days after his visit to Tirana, the Socialist Party violated flagrantly the law on decriminalization and brought back political privileges of the two persons accused of justice for crimes, persons who are its representatives in the parliament. The SP initially took action to clean the image of Arben Ndoka, who is considered from the Socialists of Lezha as the pride of this branch, while this person with criminal records took care to accompany the Minister of Defense in several meetings in Lezha. Two months after the law of decriminalization, Ndoka's image is the same as it was before; the man who brought the Socialists to power; the man who holds the left to power with an iron fist; he is the image of the Renaissance Socialists of Edi Rama. Armando Prenga, another element with criminal records returned to the Assembly quietly.

In this way, the law of decriminalization adopted at the insistence of the DP becomes null and the door of the Assembly still remains open not only for the current criminals that militate there, but also for others who are eager for the new elections to wear the MP costume. Imagine that the criminal MPs of this parliament approve the reform in justice and they appoint people who will have to judge them for the crimes they are accused of. But it is not only the parliament of Albania the institution that the Socialist Party has transformed into a haven of criminals. The media have reported these days that known criminal elements are taking the reins of the leadership of the Socialist Party through some branches and this is considered as an official line of the SP to put on top of the local branches and even to its high levels of policy making and representation, people familiar from the world of crime.

But is Edi Rama the man who is transforming the SP and the currently the governance of the country in a gang of criminals?! Undoubtedly, the answer is YES. Since he took over the direction of the SP, 11 years ago, Edi Rama began to gather around him clans with known criminal records, people with dubious pasts in the business of construction and beneficiaries of public funds, while avoiding people from the universities and potential prominent figures from the party. New groups that attacked the SP served him to totally subjugate this party; to buy votes in party forums and in general or local elections. Rama was carefully choosing his own new arrivals in the SP "grain for grain," people who already constitute a real grouping in parliament against the opposition. But they are also a field detachment willing to keep walking the Renaissance of Rama through violence, media manipulation and violence against this power, through corruption and fraud. Despite the direct appeal of the U.S. Embassy addressed to the leader of the SP, he asked again for the support of the contingent accused for crimes, also in the race for the local elections of 2015, in which, there were some people voted as heads of several municipalities, who are considered as "stained" people from the internationals but considered at the same time as the pride of the Socialist Party and personally of the chairman Edi Rama.

Meanwhile, can Rama be disconnected from the criminals who brought him and keep him in power? Undoubtedly, the answer is NO. Edi Rama, although in an internal report of the OSCE is mentioned for having a hidden personal wealth of over 200 million euro, is captured by those who brought him to power. The first signal was given by the MP Tom Doshi who said to have spent several million euros to ensure Rama's victory in the general elections and the protests of the former leftist opposition, such as that of January 21, 2011,in which, four protesters were killed and dozens of opposition supporters and police were injured. Rama is under financial pressure daily, personal pressure and denunciation by the people who contributed with dirty money, muscles and weapons to bring him to power. The most flagrant case is that of Shullazi, a person with a long and rich criminal past, systematically protected by Rama and Minister Tahiri through pressure to justice segments. Who else has caught Rama? He has been also captured by corrupt ministers and other officials of this category at all levels.

The opposition and the media have given more than once facts of corruption and involvement in crimes of the Minister of Health, that of energy and the interior minister. Edi Rama has not only protected them constantly, but advertised them as the most successful ministers. If Rama would not have been caught by them, he would have challenged at least the opposition and the media and dismiss one of them to enable justice to confirm or deny the allegations against them. The most typical case is that of the interior minister Saimir Tahiri, who is accused not only for putting into the service of police for personal interests and interests of his family (in the case of boxes of first aid, a business of several million euros), but also as protector of drug traffickers and as a personal friend of criminal elements. His personal car was used to transport drugs from relatives of the Minister, and for months he kept secret the order of Interpol for the extradition of an MP asked from Belgian justice for murder. He also met in his office with the person that was suspected of trying to kill MP Doshi, while manipulated evidence which blamed MP Prenga for injuring citizens at Lac police station.

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