Leaders Coming from Paris
By By Shaban Murati
Albanian Daily News
Published February 17, 2016

The Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci is in the last meters of his run towards the office of the President of Kosovo. But in this run towards the highest office of the head of state, he has left open a real or virtual closet, which has inside a huge skeleton that thrills the national issue. The bomb that blast last month, the former director of French secret service, Pierre Siramy, has aroused to immediate questions with his statement that the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci is an agent of France. 

First of all, how is it possible that a former director, not just an simple employee, of the secret service of a big state with continental policies, blows so easily the names of France's agents? It may be the first time in the history of European secret services that a former director so easily makes public the identity of an important agent of his own country in another state, where he currently has the office of deputy prime minister and foreign minister. This is a serious violation of the oath, regulation, state platforms and laws of the French state and for such a violation in every democratic state the violator ends up in prison because he has affected the interests of France's national security. The former director might have retired, but he is under oath during his entire life and the politician, and the politicians he says to be agent of France has the highest positions in another state.

The international public opinion has been informed by the media, book and movie, on the case of Valerie Plame, the wife of the former American ambassador to Iraq, who was declared to be a CIA agent by chief of cabinet of President George Bush and an American reporter, and both of them ended up in jail, while the journalist was forced to quit her job at the New York Times after serving her sentence. There is no information whether the French Prosecution has undertaken the respective steps to investigate the above-mentioned statement of the former director of the secret service, who blows the names of his agents around the world so easily. There is no information whether the foreign minister or the Foreign Ministry of Kosovo has undertaken any legal or diplomatic step near French official structures regarding this situation. Even if we take the option that the former head of French secret service is not telling the truth, but he is slandering or provides false information due to his personal reasons, still he commits a serious legal violation because he puts in a difficult position the French security institutions, the French state and relations of France with other states.

The second question is why hasn't the deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs of Kosovo refuted the accusation made by the former director of French secret service? We don't know who has advised Hashim Thaci to stay silent on such grave accusation, but the fact is that the person who made the accusation is not a journalist of media with limited circulation or Kosovo portals, where one can say anything he wants and the executives of Pristina don't care. 

The one who spoke is the former director of the secret service of France, a big and extremely important European state of the EU and NATO, a state with historical and current interests in the Balkan region and this accusation of such level cannot be passed in silence or neglected because it compromises precisely the accused party. The refutation would be the right and indispensible step because the created situation questions and causes confusion for many relations, developments, stances, decisions and prospective of the case of Kosovo. Even more the aspiration and aim to take the office of the President of the Republic requires the clarification of that real or virtual skeleton, the closet of which was opened by someone important from France. The clarification is not an administrative, political or moral requirement, but it is a national requirement because Kosovo doesn't belong only to the President or its government because Kosovo is an integral part of the Albanian trunk, existence and flag and interests all the nation, all Albanians wherever they are.

The high level of the accusation requires a high level of answer. Because it is different if the press writes or if opposition makes accusations, as it has often happened in 24 years in the Parliament of Albania for half of politicians, who accuse each- other of being agents of Serbia, Greece or Russia. After the formation of the new Serb government in April 2014, leaders of the opposition declared in the Parliament of Serbia that the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic was included in the government by order and pressure of Russia. Although the accusation against Dacic was not made by the former director of Russian KGB, he hurried to refute it and afterwards nobody mentioned it again. The phenomenon of the appointment of prime ministers and ministers in Balkan countries by order or files of one or another foreign power is ordinary in the life of Balkan states. There has been even an anecdotal case in Albania told by the prime minister of the country on a TV show that the foreign minister of the government requested the Greek prime minister Georgos Papandreu to intervene for the Albanian prime minister to appoint him again as foreign minister. Even this case has not been refuted. It is understandable that the interests of great European powers in the Balkans have always been translated into underground activities and open interventions in the domestic life and in the building of institutions and Balkan governments. 

Seen in a broader plan, it has to be said that the former director of French secret service touches a dark file of pan- Albanian political history, which has to do with occult relations of some Albanian leaders and politicians in both sides of the border with state institutions and French secret services. If the former director, Pierre Siramy claims that they have recruited Hashim Thaci as an agent of France in less than three weeks when he was in the Castle of Rambouillet in 1999 in the frame of the International Conference for Kosovo, what can be supposed for some important characters of Albanian politics in Albania and Kosovo, who have studied and received specializations in France in much longer periods than that of Hashim Thaci. And it doesn't seem a coincidence that many of them were catapulted in the Albanian politics in the right wing and left wing since the beginning of the delayed democratic changes and emerged as groups even in the highest offices of the state. In a quick look at the biographical chronicles of the leaders of Albania and Kosovo after the World War II, there are five presidents and prime ministers who have spent periods of study and specialization in France before the political career and success. All five were involved in politics as soon as they returned from Paris. Naturally, this is not to cast a priori suspicions on all the politicians educated in France, but the fundamental issue is related to the reasons why some French institutions, which recruit some Albanian politicians in both sides of the border, as the very former director of the French secret service is claiming about Hashim Thaci.

Albanians have always loved France due to its culture and democratic model. The interests of France have never received or could ever receive any sign of threat directly or indirectly from Albania. I am referring to the French interests in the Balkans, which have never been seen with suspicion by the Albanian politics and state. France, as a model of the democratic state and high European culture, has been aspired as the dream school of the Albanian intellectual generations during over 100 years of Albanian state. But the sending of selected groups from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sciences by the communist regime during the darkest years of intellectual and human repression in Albania has nothing to do with the culture or democracy. More than the half of those two selected groups suddenly appeared on the top of political parties, politics and state leading in Albania and Kosovo after the fall of communism.

The fundamental case and the biggest sorrow that comes up is that the important Albanian leaders and politicians in both sides of the border, who were educated or specialized in France didn't apply or follow in Albania and Kosovo the French political thought, political culture, the French institutional models, the experience of the French democratic state in the programs of governments that they led or became part of. If one takes a close look, one will notice that the leaders and some important politicians of Albania, who were educated or specialized in France, didn't bring or try to bring to Albania and Kosovo the French democracy, French legislation, school system and French manners. Their Francophonie was the alibi of autocracy and the fiercest Balkan primitivism. The leaders and some important Albanian politicians who came from Paris didn't bring any sign of Paris or France to Albania and Kosovo. It is pitiful, but the leaders and some important Albanian politicians, educated or specialized in Paris, resembled some Asian leaders like Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, Zhou Enlai of China, Khieu Samphan of Cambodia and others who studied in France but forgot France as soon as they crossed its air border and applied in their countries the most barbarian forms of communism.

This antithesis of the personal portrait, action and behavior of the leaders and of some important Albanian politicians, with the French school or make up, raises great suspicions not only on the genetic flaws of those Albanian leaders and politicians, who didn't gain any culture or democracy in the valuable French schools and laboratories but they remained rough and rural people from the Balkans even in the third and fourth age. The faint hope and wish is that France was the country of their political origin, not just a country of transit in their political trip, which, God forbid, started from Belgrade.


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