Is a Political Project of the Extreme Left Being Hatched in Albania?
Albanian Daily News
Published January 28, 2015

Adrian Thano*

have not said anything publicly yet and they do not even want to show that they
are ready for such an enterprise, but a political project of the extreme left
is being hatched in Albania online.

users, and readers of social networks are divided into three or four groups but
efforts are being made to attract their attention to such a project.

moments seems to be right. Berisha is repulsive and Rama is disappointing.
There is an economic crisis in the country and in Europe. Any new alternative
inside the left-wing would easily win the public interest in Albania, at least,

Ben Blushi is a prominent figure in this project. Some analysts who are close
and far from the group of Klan are in the same line. There will not be a big
clash between them and Berisha.

seems like Berisha has been very helpful to the left-wing. If he deserves a
monument after his death, it must be built in the yard of the Socialist Party
(SP) building. The SP has managed to come to power only because people hate
Berisha so much. It did not actually need to put in a great effort to win.

extreme leftists criticize Rama very openly. And besides the political bond,
they have in common the fact that they are brats of the former communist
quarter of Tirana.

Blushi has been more vocal until now. It's not a coincidence that he is the
strongest critic of the political Islam. He even tried to become a protagonist
after the Paris incident.

Blushi was even calmer. In an article published online, a site which is visited
by friends which have the same ideas, he expressed his support for Greek
Coalition of Radical Left, SYRIZA, saying that he would vote for it if

Friday, there was an article of Andi Bushati who said the same thing as Blushi,
that SYRIZA of Tsipras should win, and Albanians in Greece should vote for him.
At the same time, Fatos Lubonja has expressed great admiration for another
extreme party in Italy, Five Stars of Grillo.

is it possible that these people who make fun of extremists of all kinds in
their country, invite Albanians to vote for extremist parties?!" some people
have commented.

question will receive an answer soon. What was started may take a more
political form than a modest portal online, because of the circumstances which
may be created in the near future.

cannot help but notice the irony of the risen fist of Tsipras has attracted
those who have philosophically separated themselves from their fathers.

this does not matter. In Albania, there are still people who believe that
Berisha is the greatest anti-communist. It suffices to have a flag in your
hand. And let's admit it. This is an attractive flag for a society which does
not believe in the future any longer. On the contrary, it looks towards the
past with nostalgia.

in order to have success, it does not suffice to be intelligent, but one must
have great personality as well.

general, the political players in Albania make deals even when they are
supposed to fight. This is not the case and prejudices are not needed in this
phase. But despite the fact that their intellect is not lacking, the question
remains: Are Blushi and his friends strong enough to establish and keep a
radical party in Albania, similar to that of Italy, or to the radical party in

do not put in doubt their purpose, but I doubt their will to see things
through, because they are isolated in their snobbism, just like other political
and media groups of Tirana.

are lazy and despising, far away from the stature of Grillo or that of Tsipras.
They will give up as soon as they run into the first obstacle. But it's
possible that they may think more about this idea because of the crisis, which
is not only economic.

topic will be discussed even more in Albania after this Sunday when the Greek
elections take place, a very important event for the 'frowning continent which
has forgotten how to laugh', as socialist lawmaker Blushi described Europe

Against Albania

Draft-Resolution was put forward a few days ago in the European Parliament
which had a request for the immediate blocking of negotiations with Albania for
its EU adherence. It also contains a request for referendums in all the
countries of the EU for any new enlargement which will be carried out. The
argument which was presented in the text of the Draft-Resolution, has to do
with the fact that in case it is accepted in the EU, Albania will not be able
to deal with the competitive pressure and that of the market forces. Besides
this, the text also underlines that the further integration of Albania must be
blocked because of great problems with corruption in the country, because
Albania is the center of trafficking of prostitution, drugs and other things.

draft contains the signature of three French Euro-parlamentarians of the
extreme right of the National Front, Dominique Bilde, Steeve Briois, and Sophie

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