Negotiations Postponed due to Government's Links with Crime, SMI Says
Albanian Daily News
Published June 27, 2018
During a press declaration on Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Luan Rama, accused the government for trying to conceal the failure of Albania regarding accession talks.
The MP declared that our Government has chosen crime, therefore negotiations were rejected by EU.
According to him, the Albanian government is making devilish attempts to make it look like a victory, when in reality it is our loss.
"EU Ministers decided not to open accession talks with Albania by pre-determining the conditions that have to be completed. The decision is the ultimate attitude against the Albanian government.
Their attempts to make the postponing of negotiations seem like it's our achievement is a huge joke on the Albanian people. It is obvious that EU can't accept a government that has chosen crime.
Blaming opposition for EU's decision is a mockery, because they have all the right means to make thorough control. The responsible person for this failure is Premier, Edi Rama.
If he cares for Albania, he better resigns,"concluded Luan Rama.

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