Chaos as Parents, Lawyers Try to Find Separated Children
Albanian Daily News
Published June 23, 2018
Immigration attorneys say not much has changed for their clients being held in detention centers, despite President Donald Trump signing an executive order to stop separating children from parents illegally crossing the border.
Jodi Goodwin, a lawyer from Garlingen, Texas, told CNN on Friday that all 25 of her adult clients have children, but only two have been able to contact them by phone. However, those parents still don't know their children's location, she said.
"I've had clients that have been detained for two and a half weeks and they still don't know where their children are," she said.
The cautious relief that came after Trump's executive order has turned into widespread confusion among detained immigrant parents and their lawyers.
Distraught parents are searching for their children separated from them weeks ago, some as young as 9 months old. Some parents are trying to track them down from immigration detention, where resources and phone calls are limited.
Many of the at least 2,300 children separated from their migrant parents since May are in far-flung shelters and foster homes nationwide -- hundreds of miles away from the southern border.
The process of reuniting parents and children is so chaotic, even immigrant rights organizations and lawyers are frantically working through a maze of unknowns.
(Source: CNN)

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