Welcome to the Unclean Beach of Jorgo Goro
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Published June 16, 2018
Three years ago, while we were on holidays in Himara, we woke up in the middle of the night because our little niece was very sick. She had high temperature and could hardly breathe. We drove immediately towards Tirana knowing that better health services are offered there.
On the way, the situation of our niece got worse and we had to go to a hospital in Vlora first to give her more oxygen and other medical aid. We drove to Tirana in the morning and after all analysis were done, the doctor told us that the child had taken dangerous bacteria for her health, Salmonella and Escherichia Coli. "What beach did you go to?" the doctor asked. In fact, that day the child had been in a beach in Spile of Himara, where we have our house and like other children, she had spent a long time in the sea water.
I knew that sewage was disposed in the sea in the past, but I could not imagine that this problem had not been solved. I had made this problem a big deal in the past and reporters showed this on televisions but as it happens in Albania, no matter how alarming an issue is, something new comes up and the problem is forgotten and nothing gets resolved.
What makes me return to this story is that this problem has not been resolved yet. The tourist season has started and the sewage of Himara is being disposed in the crystal clean waters of the Ionian Sea.
The meetings that the residents of Himara have had with the municipality and Mayor Jorgo Goro have been numerous. The Mayor would call us to present the plan of Urban Requalification of the area.
Anybody who goes to Himara now will see how sand was covered with cement, buildings were painted with some ugly colors, and hundreds of century-old olive trees were cut and replaced with pine trees.
As residents, we wanted that right after the problems of ownership would get resolved, the municipality would invest according to priorities, and the biological cleaning of sewage was one of them, because it is seriously endangering people's lives. If you have been to a beach in Himara and suddenly felt sick, nausea, high temperature, you may have thought that it is a seasonal virus, but in all likelihood it is because Mayor Jorgo Goro has "treated" you with the areas sewage disposed in the sea, to welcome you. This is because Goro has another program. He works for the oligarchs of power, how to steal our lands and property and invest there, but not for the problem of sewage disposed in the sea. He does not have the time to take care of the area and do his duty. That's why it's highly likely that you will get sick there for as long as Goro and his friends are very busy filling their own pockets, betraying thus a community that gave its votes to him.
(Source: Panorama)

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