Meta in Malta: Albania Can Serve as Regional Economic Center
Albanian Daily News
Published May 22, 2018
The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta is developing a working visit this Tuesday to Malta in the framework of the "Business Forum Malta -Albania", accompanied by a delegation of 31 representatives of the Albanian business community of the Chambers of Commerce, Kosovo and Macedonia.
He was received there by the President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca where they discussed about the relationship strengthening between the countries and focused more on economical and trade exchanges.
During his speech, the Head of the State praised the fruitful cooperation in all fields between the two countries and peoples, and emphasized the need to intensify economic and trade relations and mutual investments.
"I want to express my appreciation for President Coleiro's determination and support in the organization of this Forum as a necessary step to raise the relations between our two countries and peoples to a new level. Albania can serve as a regional economic center for the expansion of foreign investment into a Balkan market with more than 20 million customers and can be a regional gateway to the European market. Albania is a blessed country with natural, underground wealth as well as one of the youngest, most energetic and least-cost European laborers, "said Meta.
Meanwhile, President of Malta, during her speech, assessed that Malta and Albania should give a new impetus to economic and trade cooperation and take advantage of all business opportunities to explore new investment markets.
At the close of the Forum, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Chambers of Commerce and a meeting was held between dozens of Albanian and Maltese businesses for initiating concrete projects in the field of investments.

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